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A young girl in a dentists chair.Walkerville is always happy to serve its patients and tries its level best to make your first visit with us a comfortable experience to lead in to a long lasting relationship. Your first appointment will include a complete thorough exam including x-rays and digital dental charting if needed. We will inform you about all the choices you have and the methods to achieve overall oral health with us.

Once we have an idea of your current dental health and what you need we will plan and discuss the most suitable treatments and procedures that are needed in your case. We specially emphasize on using hygienic treatment so that your teeth and gums are restored to its health in the most convenient and functional way possible.

Whether it’s a simple dental cleaning or a complex cosmetic procedure, we will give our time and dedication to make sure that the results you get always exceeds your expectation. When you visit to us, you are like family, therefore we conduct a complete examination of the condition of your oral health to identify and discuss what your dental health needs is.

We value you and are here to serve you in every way possible therefore we are open to discussing and understanding your insurance terms and benefits and how it is going to help you. If you need our help, know that we conduct an examination and also try to understand your insurance plans so that we know whet your insurance is going to cover in your treatment. Our billing process is hassle-free with a detailed electronic claim billing structure for maximum benefits for you. Please bring your insurance booklet the first time you come to visit us. Direct billing to the insurance company is also available here.

Our goal is to serve you best and achieve complete oral health for you so, we are waiting for you!

There are a few steps that patients need to take prior to anesthesia. First, you should not eat or drink anything at least 8 hours prior to surgery and refrain from smoking 12 hours prior to surgery. You will need someone to accompany you to the surgery and drive you home after. On the day of surgery, do not wear any jewelry, contact lenses, or dentures. If you regularly take medications, discuss those with the doctor to ensure that they are approved prior to surgery. Other than these simple considerations, there is nothing else you need to do to prepare for surgery.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure that requires some post-operative care to reduce the chance of infection or other complications. Immediately after surgery, a gauze pad will be placed over the extraction site, which should not be removed for at least 45 minutes, and then discarded after that. Refrain from drinking from a straw or rinsing the mouth to ensure that you do not dislodge the blood clot that has formed. Limit your activities that day. You can resume your regular activities the following day. Take the pain medication as prescribed to reduce the amount of discomfort you feel after the local anesthetic wears off. As with any oral surgery, refrain from drinking through a straw as doing so creates suction and may disrupt the sutures.

The removal of one or two teeth is a simple procedure. Extracting multiple teeth requires that the jawbone be shaped and removed to prepare for a denture. You may experience the following after a multiple tooth extraction procedure. Within two days, you will experience the maximum swelling both inside the mouth and possibly around the eye as well. The area around your eye may also become discolored, which may be alleviated by a warm compress. The muscles near the extraction site may become sore after surgery, causing a sore throat. This is normal as well as the corners of your mouth becoming dry and cracked from being stretched open during surgery. In most cases, you will have a follow up appointment with your dentist within 48 hours after surgery to discuss any post surgery symptoms that you are experiencing.