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Wisdom Teeth

A dentist examining a smiling woman.

Your third molars, better known as wisdom teeth are the final teeth to erupt in the mouth. They show up at the top and bottom jaws between ages 17-25. Some of us lucky people may not even develop any, others may have them erupt perfectly fine with no problems. Wisdom teeth are not necessarily bad […]

Looking for a Dental Practice? Here are some helpful tips.

A dentist examining a patient.

In choosing a dental practice there are five variables to evaluate. Imagine that there are two proto-stereotypical solo dental practices: Poor-work and Good-work. Let’s evaluate these five variables and what they might mean. The number of people in the reception room (sometimes called a “waiting room”). Poor-work Good-work The room may be full of people. […]

Why Do Root Canal Treated Teeth Break?

A woman being examined with a dental mirror.

Root canal treatment is often the choice whenever a tooth causes serious pain to an individual. The tooth may hurt for one of many different reasons. There is very deep, extensive tooth decay that has affected the nerve. There is a very large, extensive filling in that tooth (that may have been there for a […]